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Architectural History MA

The Bartlett School of Architecture UCL

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The Architectural History MA, launched by the Bartlett Faculty UCL in 1981, has a long tradition of critical and theoretical responses to spatial, social and material environments.  Each year a symposium showcases the graduating student work, interwoven with guest speakers, which together highlight the methodologies, themes and contexts that inform the cohort during their degree.

Previously comprised of a single live event and book launch, the impact of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic has restructured our publication spaces towards more digital modes of engagement, and foregrounded new social environments which architects, researchers and public communities can access.  Concerned with creating reflective spaces about our current lived experience, and by embracing the opportunity to create visual artifacts, we hope this website evolves into an online archive of architectural history which challenges traditional expectations and distinctions of the field. 

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Architectural History MA 2020-21

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Architectural History MA 2019-20

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