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While physical archives have lain dormant and inaccessible for the past six months during the Covid-19 lockdowns, as researchers we have been required to reassess how we approach the study of architectural history. Our methodologies have been forced to change and adapt, to invent and materialise alternative kinds of ‘evidence’. The range of work produced by the Architectural History cohort has been moulded by how able we are to bring the outside world into our personal spaces, and how we can reflect this in our own ‘homework’.

Showcasing a wide range of themes, from architectural conservation, post-war housing, activism and health, keynote speakers Catherine Croft (C20 Society), Dr Janina Gosseye (TUDelft), and Dr Anooradha Iyer Siddiqi (Barnard College, Columbia University) demonstrate our changing perceptions of the physical and material formation of architectural history.


Catherine Croft The C20 Society

Janina Gosseye Delft University of Technology

Anooradha Iyer Siddiqi Barnard College

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